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Enrich patient recruitment

CANTAB Recruit

Identifying participants in the early, ‘pre-clinical’ or ‘prodromal’ stages of CNS disorders prior to the onset of cognitive and functional decline can be challenging, time-consuming and expensive. 

CANTAB Recruit is the online platform designed to enrich study recruitment by pre-screening patients using sensitive and highly validated cognitive measures to reduce on-site screen failure rates and save sponsors substantial time and cost.

Clinical trial recruitment


Benefits of CANTAB Recruit

  • Remote and sensitive screening of trial participants
  • Reduces on-site screen failure rates
  • Reduces costs for both sites and sponsor

Improving clinical trial recruitment


HIPAA/GDPR compliant & SOC II certified data storage

Suitable for recruitment in a range of high need indications

Study-specific inclusion criteria

Configurable demographic data collection, questionnaires & cognitive tasks

Clear & easy-to-use participant user interface

Automated & standardised test administration

Non-compliance during testing reported

Wide browser compatibility

Access comprehensive support for a successful study

Our dedicated support teams are on hand to help you every step of the way to ensure your clinical trial runs successfully.

Our Study Managers have a 100% customer satisfaction rating and are on hand to co-ordinate all study activities from study initiation all the way through to completion of your trial, on time and on budget.

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