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Measure real world outcomes

Cognition Kit

Cognition Kit is a custom-designed digital health platform delivering wearable and smartphone apps for high frequency data collection to demonstrate the real world value of treatments.

Cognition Kit - wearable and mobile clinical assessments

Cognition Kit apps provide engaging digital health solutions to improve patient engagement, demonstrate treatment efficacy and increase the understanding of a disease and a patient's response to medication.

Our technology provides a scalable way to collect safety, efficacy, and health outcomes data without face to face clinic visits by taking research into daily life.

The study-specific apps deliver short and frequent assessments directly to participants, enabling investigators to assess cognition daily and build an accurate, dynamic picture of brain health.

Assessments can be taken on a range of smartphone and wearable devices without needing to visit a clinic or be supervised by a healthcare professional.

Collecting cognitive health data in daily life provides a more comprehensive picture of treatment efficacy throughout clinical trials and postmarketing.


  • Gather more frequent and accurate patient outcomes
  • Improve patient engagement and compliance
  • Demonstrate the real world effectiveness of treatments
  • Conduct patient-centred virtual research


Custom-developed to achieve study objectives

Capture passive physiological sensor data

Gather patient feedback via outcomes questionnaires

Micro-tests collect active cognitive data to assess brain function

Activity schedules prompt participants to comply with medication and testing

Apps developed for sponsor's chosen smartphone or wearable devices

Conduct off-site clinical research, collect frequent clinical outcomes data and demonstrate the real world value of treatments with Cognition Kit. Contact us to find out more.

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