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CANTAB Occupational Health

Brain health assessments at work

CANTAB occupational health assessments

Mental health problems affect many employees but the disorders can often be hidden at work. A recent Mental Health at Work report found 3 in 4 employees have experienced symptoms of poor mental health1.

Problems relating to mental health can be damaging to an individual's health and career, but also reduce productivity at work, impacting workplace performance and quality of work2. Stress, anxiety and depression account for an estimated 37% of all work related ill health cases and 45% of all working days lost due to ill health3.

Benefits of assessing cognition in the workplace

  • Enable timely intervention & treatment
  • Alleviate symptoms for employees
  • Improve staff wellbeing & job performance
  • Reduce business risk


What is measured can be managed

Cognition, the ability to think clearly, concentrate, remember and make good decisions, underpins mental health.

CANTAB technology accurately measures the key elements of cognition, enabling individuals and organisations to improve mental health and workplace performance and reduce the risks and costs associated with poor cognitive health.

CANTAB Corporate Health works with employers, their advisers, insurers and health providers, across the full spectrum of occupational/corporate health including:

Health assessments

Health and Wellbeing programmes

Symptomatic occupational health

Primary care

Health related insurance underwriting


We work with clients globally, providing them with CANTAB cognitive assessment tools and support services to ensure successful implementation and delivery of results.

Good cognitive health is so important for us to be able to work to our full potential. Mild mental ill–health is one of the most common reasons for workplace absence. CANTAB Health products can be particularly useful in identifying and preventing problems, many of which are reversible. 
Dame Carol Black
Government Expert Adviser on Health and Work

1 Mental Health at Work Report 2016
2 Anxiety Disorders Association of America 2006 Stress & Anxiety Disorders Survey
3 Labour Force Survey 2016

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