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Cognitive health and wellbeing

Optimising mental wellbeing and performance throughout life


Mental health is the world’s biggest challenge...

  • 1 in 4 people worldwide suffer with a mental health problem each year
  • The global cost of mental health problems is an estimated $2.5 trillion 

CANTAB healthcare products make a positive difference by combining leading science and technology to measure cognitive health and performance.


Improving lives and reducing costs

Mental health is the world’s largest economic burden. By sensitively measuring cognitive performance people with problems can be identified earlier, access treatments faster and stay healthy for longer, improving quality of life and reducing costs.


Optimising cognition

Cognitive resources change through life. At every stage, each cognitive domain has an expected level of performance but this can vary depending on individual circumstances. Managing brain health effectively at any age would have a hugely positive impact on society and global mental health.

The first step to managing brain health is to measure it

Just as the introduction of heart-rate monitors in the 1980s helped to dramatically reduce the mortality rate of coronary heart disease, by measuring cognition we are able to:

  • Improve our understanding of the brain and the effects of biological and environmental factors
  • Identify interventions that can improve cognitive performance
  • Develop safer and more effective drug treatments
  • Detect and treat disorders earlier to improve global mental health and reduce costs of care


Validated by 30 years of research

Backed by 30 years of worldwide cognitive science and thousands of peer-reviewed publications, CANTAB technologies help clinicians to reduce the risk of inaccurate referrals and missed diagnoses.

CANTAB tests show sensitivity beyond that of traditional tests and have been used worldwide by leading research institutes and in clinical trials to develop treatments for a range of disorders with cognitive symptoms including Alzheimer's disease. 

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